Expanded Clay Pebbles for Airponic Fruit 20L Bag

Expanded Clay Pebbles for Airponic Fruit 20L Bag

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About Expanded Clay Pebbles for Airponic Fruit 20L Bag

100% Natural Clay

Clean, with stable acidity, which provides effective drainage and ventilation of nutrients in hydroponics.

With its unique growth substrate structure, Expanded Clay Pebbles, with its large surface area, provides an ideal environment for the development of beneficial bacteria around the root zone, which naturally promote normal development and rapid growth of the plant

It is of great decorative interest due to its prized aesthetic appearance. Prevents the growth of weeds. Able to hold 15-20% of its weight in water.
Protects against sudden changes in temperature, as well as the formation of surface crusts.

Provides good aeration of the substrate and roots. It is an inert, microbial-free material. It retains nutrients and easily releases excess irrigation water.

Avoid waterlogging and root rot.

How to use

We will use Expanded Clay Pebbles as follows:

Decoration - adapt the surface on which we are going to place theExpanded Clay Pebbles, leaving the ground clean and uniform. Then lay out a layer of 2-4cm Expanded Clay Pebbles.

Drainage - place a layer of 1-3cm Expanded Clay Pebbles on the bottom of a pot or planter (depending on container size) and then add the most appropriate substrate for each type of plant.

Aeration: evenly place the clay balls mixed with the substrate.
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