Planta Greenhouses is dedicated to deliver your order promptly, so you can begin using your greenhouse products right away.
Option 1 - Most popular

Ship to nearest terminal

Pickup your order from a terminal near you. Use the map below to find terminals near you. Select this option during Checkout.
Option 2

Ship to the house

Your order will be delivered to the front of your property using a truck delivery service. Select this option during Checkout.

Greenhouses are packaged in large boxes and have unique shipping requirements, including: 

  1. Shipping costs are extra and will be calculated based on your location and order size.
  2. All our order larger than 90 Lbs will be shipped using ground LTL shipping.
  3. Most shipments across Canada are between $250 and $450.
  4. A custom quote is needed for all commercial greenhouses and remote locations.
  5. We will provide the name and contact information of the Carrier and Tracking number of the shipment. The customer, in turn, is responsible for tracking the shipment, contacting and making delivery arrangements with the Carrier,  and inspection of boxes. In the event of lost or damaged merchandise, the customer should notify us immediately.
  6. We will make every effort to ship your order in the fastest possible manner, and by the mode of transportation that you specify; however, in the event of no specific instructions, we will use our judgment and ship the best, fastest and most economical way. We are not responsible for delayed delivery due to conditions beyond our control.
  7. When an order is placed, it is your responsibility to make sure the address you enter via the checkout process is CORRECT as we send our items to THAT ADDRESS and we are not liable or responsible if you make a mistake or do not inform us of any changes.  
  8. As part of the delivery process, we require a contactable telephone number (for the courier company to contact you) before the item is shipped.
  9. White glove delivery service isn't available. The greenhouse components are delivered in multiple boxes, the largest of which weighs 80lbs. The greenhouse will be delivered to your driveway. Please make arrangements to have the package moved to its installation location. 
  10. We do not ship to PO Boxes as in most cases (depending on product/value over $150) you will need to sign for your item.
  11. Orders placed on a weekend or a Public holiday will not begin processing until the next business day. Generally, orders are prepared in 24 to 48  hours and shipped within 2-4 business days. An extra few days may be required during pick season.
Shipping Boxes

Get box sizes on product pages

You can find details about product packaging and box sizes on the product pages, under “Shipping” tabs.
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