Sungrow Compact

Sungrow Compact

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Approx Size: 10' × 6.5' × 8 '

A Planta greenhouse is so much more than just a place to garden. It's an alternative universe in your backyard where winter and time don't collide. A place where you can harvest sweet carrots and plump eggplants as the first snow begins to fall. A flourishing garden nook where you can cultivate new life unaffected by the weather outside.


One of the strongest greenhouses in the world: heavy-duty materials, more weather-resistant, and with a decade-long warranty.

  • New door window handles and metal trims
  • Comes with two doors (one at each end).
  • Wind resistant up to 65 mph for those living in gusty climates.
  • Withstands a snow load (light snow) of up to 6 feet (75 psf), and 3 feet of packed snow making it perfect for areas with harsh winters.
  • Made with a heavy-duty galvanized steel frame and 6 mm double-wall polycarbonate panels.
  • Bell-shaped design - the wind, snow, and hail just slide off the sides.
  • Extendable beyond 100ft - so you can expand your greenhouse when you're ready.
  • Maintenance-free means more time to focus on your garden.
  • 10-year warranty because our greenhouse is undeniably durable.
  • Access to our closed Facebook group to connect with and learn from other greenhouse owners.
Backorder now - will be available April 2023.
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